Your Prices are so low, you must be selling cheap chunk?

Our flooring comes to us from major manufacturers in the U.S., Germany, and Switzerland, with some inexpensive yet reliable materials sourced from other countries.  Our volume and relationships allow us to buy at the best possible prices, and pass on significant savings to our customers.

There must be hidden fees or unexpected problems that cause the price to go up?

There are no hidden fees. Our quoted price is what you pay. On occasion, we do run into an unexpected problem that requires fixing before we can install a floor that will meet the manufacturer’s warranty requirements. Often we are able to fix the problem for little or no additional expense. If the issue is significant, we work with the cusotmer to find the least expensive solution.

What guarantees come with the product?

There are two warranties.. The first is from the manufacturer. Most of our manufacturer’s warranties are for 30 years. If there are any warranty issues with the flooring, we work with our customer and manufacturer to solve the problem. The second warranty is for our installation. We provide a full 1 year warranty on our installation work.

Does your price REALLY include everything – flooring, accessories and full installation?

YES. It includes furniture moving, removal of old flooring, underlayment, flooring material, quarter round, transition moldings, free delivery, free rush installations, and professional installation.

Do you charge extra to remove existing flooring – old wood, carpet, tile?

We do not charge extra for any flooring that is not attached to the subfloor with glue, nails, or mortar. However, if we find upon removal of old flooring that the subfloor contains nail holes, pits, gaps, grooves, splinters, glue, and grout, there may be additional charges for repair.

Do you haulaway all the old flooring materials?

We do remove old flooring materials from inside the home and will place them wherever the customer wants. We cut carpet and padding into strips so it can be set out for normal garbage pick up. If you request, we can also haul it away but there is an extra charge that averages between $75 – $150.

How is payment made?

A deposit of 60% is required at the time the order is placed. The remainder is due upon completion of the job. Payment can be made via cash, check, credit/debit card, or through our consumer financing programs.

How soon can you start?

In most cases we can begin installation within 2 – 4 days of when the order is placed. That is dependent on availability of materials and installation schedules.

Fully Installed

Meridian Ajax Vinyl Plank
Was $5.29/sf Now $4.99/sf

Pikes Peak Colville Laminate
Was $4.29/sf Now $3.99/sf

Elements Charcoal Oak Laminate
Was S3.79/sf Now $3.49/sf


Elements Brazilian Walnut Laminate
Fully Installed $3.79/sf

Summit Vinyl Plank Barret Oak
Fully Installed S5.79/sf

Solido Elite Nashville Laminate
Fully Installed S4.29/sf